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Remember when you could do anything and not worry about a thing? What about the days when you had no idea what aches and pains were other than words. It’s time to get back to basics and take control! For less than the price of lunch you can have relief from the agonizing torture associated with Plantar Fasciitis! Give our MOCH10 Plantar Fasciitis remedy a try! We have hundreds satisfied customers and back up our claims with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Does Shopping Have You Hopping?

After months of struggling with the torturous agony associated with Plantar Fasciitis, I discovered a technique that provided me with not only immediate RELIEF but also LONG LASTING RELEIF. If you are at the end of your options we want to help you for less than the cost of lunch!!! We put our money where our mouth is with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!

How Long Does it Take to Ship?

Hi Rita, In my case, I wore the band until my foot ceased hurting (about three weeks). I had a very severe case and I tried everything imaginable to escape the pain before I went to the doctor to receive an injection. Then two weeks after I received an injection (which did nothing but take $450 out of my pocket) I began experimenting with different wrapping and bandage techniques. Once I found relief from the agonizing pain I mentioned how remarkable it was to finally find a solution to my best friend. He told me I needed to share this discovery with others who could benefit and so it began. An opportunity to help someone out of the pit of Plantar Fasciitis torture and gaining a business partner is how this all began. Candidly, we have been swamped (blessed) with orders beyond our wildest dreams with the Moch10 Plantar Fasciitis Remedy. You will receive notification as soon as we ship which I expect to be no later than Thursday/Friday this week. Thank you for your business! Tom