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Brenda Barron
August 17 at 8:22pm

I am loving my Moch 10 plantar Fasciitis Remedy. I have suffered for at least 20 years!! – inserts, orthopedic shoes, wearing s boot to test it, exercise, ice, steroid injections, saw s chiropractor, you name it and I did it to help with the pain. By day’s end I was limping from so much pain and I’m the morning I had to he to the bedroom furniture to get to the bathroom. I have been wearing the Moch 10 wrap for 10 days and as far as my feet are concerned I am a new person!!! Thank you!!

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Moch10 Plantar Fasciitis Remedy –

Jeremy Gutierrez As a Chef of 20yrs, I’ve stayed on my feet for 12-16 hr shifts daily, and for the last 4 yrs my feet and especially my heels hurt so freaking bad in the morning I can’t walk for a good 5 min, then they loosen up for the day until I sit down and then all hell breaks loose! I never knew what it was until recently, and I started looking for inserts, braces etc.. to help with the pain(which are really uncomfortable for me)then I came across the very thin compression sleeve that totally works for me throughout the day and night, but when I take it off for the night I have minor pain I can tolerate til morning! Then I came across this Moch10 and I’m a firm believer in giving new things a try. All this being said,I ordered a pair and wear them frm morning to night, and I’ve had no pain in the morning before putting thm back on for the day, and I’ve gone 4 days without wearing them to honestly see if I’m really getting the satisfaction of being pain free from this simple band! People,we all know things work differently for us, and some of our situations may get fixed and for others it may not!!! But don’t ever stop looking or trying cuz I believe something is always out there for us…..

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